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Not all sex is created equal, however. Again, carpeted steps or a towel to protect her knees are a good idea. Another way to do it is to have her lean against a desk or table. Both of these allow deep penetration and extra skin-to-skin contact. Find yourself a surface that is roughly at hip-height. To make them easier to imitate, and to jumpstart your imagination, we've also crafted illustrations of each and every sex position on this list and given you the skinny on just what you can expect from each.

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Is there anything better than getting a blowjob while seated?

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Best Sex Positions To Improve Your Sex Life

Try blindfolding her and then taking her in the Cowboy. A good option for those who find that the Frog isn't crouch-y enough, the Toad is a master class in getting it on while your knees bent. Either way, this position will cause the blood to rush to your head and your other head for an explosive climax. It's also perfect for amping things up a bit by adding some fingering to the mix to really take her pleasure to the next level. You kneel, placing your left outstretched knee to the left of the woman and your right leg behind you. You may also want to consider propping up her hips on a pillow or wedge you can find specially made ones to create the perfect angle.

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line position sex
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line position sex
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