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Justified as a way of protecting virtuous Thai women from surrendering their virginity, commercial sex had been the major sexual outlet for young unmarried Thai men until AIDS became prevalent in the s Knodel ; Kilmarx et al. Only a few have included both males and females from in- and out-of-school settings Podhisita et al. Unfortunately we do not have direct information connecting contraceptive use at the most recent sexual encounter and type of relationship, but we do know that percent of relationships were boyfriend-girlfriend. Among sexually experienced participants, vaginal intercourse was by far the most frequent sexual behavior, reported by The overall sample was conceptualized as comprising six subsamples representing males and females separately in each educational setting.

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Before the monks arrive the girls put on proper clothes and make their establishments look respectable.

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If the rumours about Gore Vidal are true, what does this mean for his work?

He was only saying that he loved me so much. The representativeness of our sample was also a problem, as we were studying a hard to reach population of young adolescents, particularly those who were out-of-school. Sexual behaviour of secondary school students in Bangkok metropolis. In fact, most of the pre-AIDS research was concerned with the attitudes and knowledge in premarital sex, extramarital sex, cohabitation of unmarried couple, sexually transmitted diseases, and abortion. I cried alone at home as I knew what I had done was wrong. We had a very good time for months and then he moved to study in Bangkok. I felt ashamed of myself when I had sex with my first boyfriend.

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