Nation of assholes

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Thankfully, there are signs that this might be happening, with new world organizations springing up that exclude them. It takes guts, but seldom has anyone deserved it like Biden. From Travis Kalanick and Martin Shkreli to insult-hurling world leaders and creeper VC'sexamples of boorish behavior are not at all hard to come by at the moment. The prospect of boorishness, rudeness and meanness being accepted as exemplary is very different from what you are saying. Did it dawn on us that this ghastly deed was wreaked upon us because of our consistent meddling in the affairs of other nations?

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We didn't defeat the terrorists; we created more of them.

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Superempowered: How We Turned Into A Nation (And A Planet) Of Assholes

Trump is also a criminal, and worse, has no idea what crime is. At this point, we have killed around a hundred Muslims for every American killed by Muslims. If these Seven Assholes could just shut up for one year, the world would be vastly improved. In Congo, over five million people have died in various wars in the last few decades, but the rest of the world doesn't even know this behavior of total assholicity is going on. We are literally ruining the planet and despoiling it for everyone else. Emanuela 1, books view quotes. LEVI books view quotes.

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nation of assholes
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nation of assholes
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