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Archaeologists and anthropologists have studied differences among these crafted lithic flaked tools to classify cultural periods. The indigenous peoples in Mexico have the right of free determination under the second article of the constitution. The most densely populated area was the Andean region Timoto-cuicasthanks to their advanced agricultural techniques and ability to produce a surplus of food. Retrieved 12 February Retrieved 26 December The development of writing is counted among the many achievements and innovations of pre-Columbian American cultures. Retrieved 30 November

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Estimates for the length of this isolation vary, but the lower end — roughly 7, years — is about as long as the period between the invention of beer brewing and the Apollo 11 landing.

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DNA of infant who died 11,500 years ago gives glimpse of Native Americans’ Asian origins

Pre-Columbian civilizations and cultures. Rattlesclapper sticksand rasps were also popular percussive instruments. Retrieved 8 November This instrument is one of the very few stringed instruments known in the Americas prior to the introduction of European musical instruments ; when played, it produces a sound that mimics a jaguar's growl. Indigenous peoples of North America portal. DNA was extracted and dated.

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asian native american
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asian native american
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