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As she felt this, Pan's breathing became shaky, she was still trying to fight the hold he had on her arms, but not to try and become the dominant one as her Saiyan blood had demanded, instead it was so that she could thread her fingers in his main of spiky black hair, to keep his warm mouth firmly wrapped around her breast. The room was too warm to be cold, and he smiled knowing that she was trembling for him, desire and nervousness an excitement had her eager. He was on the edge; the flight did nothing to abate his hormones. The sensation was unbelievable and she could feel her hips rolling into his mouth when his teeth gently scraped her clit. With Goku gone, Trunks shut the door again, being sure to lock it as well. With his pleasurable assault on her body drawing her attention, Pan never felt any pain of his entrance until a quick, powerful thrust completely imbedded his phallus within her tight walls; stretching them excruciatingly and making a bolt of pain run up Pan's spine.

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Her hands moved quickly to clutch his head as his lips worked on her breast, and she had to suppress the urge to scream as a flood of delicious pleasure ran through her body.

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The rough material of his leg-wear tantalised her skin and she rubbed her breasts against his legs, enjoying the friction against her sensitive nipples for a moment before returning her attention to the matter at hand. Rubbing the newly groan bump, he looked up at the grinning girl, his thoughts sinking. A private sanctuary eased him whenever life with his parents was too hectic. She never acted on them. Quickly catching the girl's meaning, Videl only smiled warmly at her daughter before getting up from the chair and coming across the room to stand over her husband and child. TrunksxPan one shot Requested and assisted with details by Fireball-Fuchsia.

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