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Any disease that damages the nerves can affect feeling in the penis and other parts of the body. Warts are small growths on the skin that normally don't cause pain. While many women feel desire when starting a new sexual relationship or after a long separation from a partner, those in long-term relationships may not think about sex very often or feel spontaneous desire for sexual activity. This can affect a woman's desire for sex, but there are lubrication creams that can help. Side Effects and Benefits. Masturbation is a fun and normal act used by many to explore their body and feel pleasure.

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Being tired from a busy job or caring for young children may affect your sexual desire.

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Lack of sexual desire and/or arousal

What symptoms are associated with penile numbness? Clear Passage Physical Therapy on November 4, at 9: This article was contributed by: Depression, relationship problems or abuse current or past abuse can also cause sexual dysfunction. Ask your GP or pharmacist.

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no feeling during sex
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no feeling during sex
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