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You could also try one of the variations of missionary position described in my post 3 Great Anal Sex Positions. Hi…my bf has had anal sex before but I have not successfully many failed attempts and I would like for it to work with us. I was so gratefull I did. While thrusting in and out, reach around and finger her clitoris. Tell him to put it in you slow so you can enjoy it. It may take some time to get it just right, but if you follow these 10 steps, you will both have lots of fun trying. But — and this is so embarassing — I have a chronic anal fissure.

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If you want to try anal sex with your wife or girlfriend, but are uncertain of her reaction, use the approach I recommend in How to Make Her Want Anal Sex.

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Its not as big as him,Is that ok? Make sure that she is highly aroused and, preferably, had an orgasm before you try penetration with your penis. Once she is comfortable with being dilated, slowly start to move your finger in and out and around. Hey, ok so my boyfriend has been nagging me about anal for a really long time. This means it could take anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes before his penis is fully inserted. I am used to the butt plug but his cock is different. Here are five advanced anal sex techniques to […].

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